Top 5 Reasons Manufacturers Rely on Innovation to Grow Sales

Top 5 Reasons Manufacturers Rely on Innovation to Grow Sales

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Manufacturers are relying on food brokers to resolve consumer inflation and communication issues by means of communication, automation, digitalization, and human-centric marketing. Bryan Drangin, Align Sales Group’s CEO, weighs in on how his team will provide solutions in 2023 and beyond. Continue reading to learn more about the top 5 reasons food manufacturers rely on innovation to grow sales.

1. Inflation

Consumers are aware and deeply concerned with rising costs in grocery and convenience stores in 2023. Rising prices mean restricted budgets and bargain shopping for most American households.

Q: What is Align Sales Group doing to help manufacturers and retailers reach sales growth goals with rising prices and reduced spending in 2023?

A: Utilizing technology to convey value, cost savings, and consistency among brands is more critical now than ever. We are supporting our clients by providing additional services, including content marketing, which empowers them to reach larger audiences in record time. We aren’t relying solely on existing relationships or trade shows for go-to-market strategy any longer. In 2023 and beyond, our clients have an opportunity to leverage digital content marketing to accelerate communication between manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in real time. Additionally, in today’s climate, rising costs mean placing higher significance on brand value and cost savings. At Align, we leverage web, social media, public relations, and more to support our manufacturers, and ensure brand growth despite existing obstacles.

2. Communication

Food manufacturers rely on food brokers to represent their brands throughout the sales cycle. Ultimately, the goal is to nurture existing relationships, while building new relationships.

Q: How do manufacturers stand apart from similar brands in today’s competitive market?

A: At Align, we are leveraging technology to elevate our brands with elevated marketing through our own digital channels. Whether or not a brand chooses add-ons, such as the content marketing packages we plan to introduce later this year, or the simply choose to integrate within our platforms, we will consistently recognize our clients within our own marketing channels. This means visibility on Align’s own website, in-person and digital trade show recognition, social media and e-newsletter shout outs, potential press release mentions, and prospective podcast and/or webinar interviews. We are leveraging technology to innovate and elevate our client brands, above and beyond the ‘traditional’ means.

3. Automation

Innovation and automation go hand in hand in the modern era of marketing and promotion. In years’ past, manufacturers have relied heavily on word-of-mouth and a tight-knit network to grow sales.

Q: How has automation increased brand visibility for manufacturers?

A: Marketing and promotion is only one facet of our approach at Align Sales Group. We are always striving to provide our clients with innovative ways to engage consumers and drive sales throughout the customer journey. We provide services that include retail and wholesale promotions, trade shows, convention, and conference representation, and content marketing initiatives. Automating marketing and promotion endeavors makes the conversion process much more efficient. We utilize automation for marketing promotion in the form of visibility on the web, social media, press, and other digital communications. Align also utilizes automation to accelerate planogram implementation, business process management, and market research. We are saving time and money, while working efficiently and productively to grow brands by eliminating traditional, manual processes through automation.

4. Digitalization

Digital strategies are proving effective in generating leads and eliminating lag in sales outreach.

Q: How are manufacturers benefiting from digitalization to grow sales in 2023?

A: Align Sales Group is in the process of providing digital outreach at trade shows by introducing QR codes to expedite interaction between leads and sales team members. Some trade shows offer scanning devices that allow trade show exhibitors access to a complete list of attendees after the show. Some exhibitors rely on business cards to extract ‘hot leads’ ahead of the wait for the trade show list post-show. Our team is connecting with leads directly in-person at the show, and gathering information for an efficient and timely response directly from our booth. Using QR codes is more efficient, because the lead’s information is automatically imported into our web portal.

5. Integration of human-centric marketing in the digital era

Innovation is commonly associated with technology, however, post-covid there has also been a push for more in-person interaction.

Q: We’ve spoken quite a bit about how Align is utilizing technology to disrupt the food manufacturing industry through innovation. What about the in-person aspect of innovation?

A: In-person communication is not what it used to be. Now more than ever, our clients rely on technology to communicate and engage. We have an entire remote workforce and utilize Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and other digital platforms to communicate face-to-face virtually. Align Sales Group is keeping that innovation going in 2023 with live webinars and live social media reels. We plan to connect with our manufacturers and partners in real time and face-to-face – even if it’s virtually. Align Sales Group is narrowing the gap, fostering connection, and adding convenience to ‘in-person’ meetings. That, and – we always look forward to connecting and networking throughout trade show season.

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