CSM Sales Rebrands as Align Sales Group

CSM Sales Rebrands as Align Sales Group

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Brighton, MI. (January 17, 2023) – Effective today, January 17, 2023, CSM Sales, a regional food brokerage firm headquartered in Brighton, MI, rebrands as Align Sales Group. After nearly 20 years, the company now provides services far beyond the scope of a traditional food brokerage firm. Align offers five major service categories: Market Analysis, Strategic Sales Consulting, Marketing & Promotion, Merchandising, and Business Process Management. Pushing toward innovation, expansion, and growth, the name CSM Sales no longer reflects an image consistent with stakeholder vision. Therefore, CSM Sales has effectively rebranded as Align Sales Group.

Motivated by stakeholders’ desire to share a more inclusive vision of the brand’s future, the name ‘Align’ was born. The name change represents collaboration and creativity as the brand moves into grocery, value, and special market channels. CEO, Bryan Drangin, commented, “Over the years, as brands evolved and technologies emerged, we saw an opportunity to invest in a more robust business model. As planning took off, we realized the changes we were making weren’t just upgrades – they were game changers. And that’s how CSM Sales evolved into Align Sales Group. We are ecstatic to introduce our new brand and confident that our commitment to innovation will keep us thriving over the long haul.” 

As part of the rebranding initiative, Align Sales Group has introduced new branding, logos, and a new website. The sleek new website features a user-friendly interface, responsive design, and a company blog. Align also plans to revamp social media platforms and introduce a company newsletter later this year.

Long-time client, David Brinkley, Regional Manager at Cheyenne International, was thrilled to hear of the rebranding news, stating, “We couldn’t be happier for our friends as they celebrate the growth and innovation taking place within their organization. Align Sales Group has excellent communication when it comes to executing and delivering sales goals and objectives. They go above and beyond for Cheyenne International to exceed client expectations. Align plays an important role in growing our business, and we look forward to maintaining our relationship for years to come.”

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About Align Sales Group

Align Sales Group is a sales and marketing organization that strives to increase manufacturers’ sales volume while achieving the greatest possible product distribution. As visionaries in the food brokerage industry, Align is committed to building synergistic relationships between manufacturing clients, and distribution and retail partners.