Our story

History and Timeline

Align Sales Group seeks to provide manufacturers with resources to build their brands through providing top-notch food brokerage consulting. We offer innovative solutions that drive brands by serving as a connector with leading distributors and retailers.


Merle Renner establishes CSM Sales, as a leading food broker in the Convenience Store channel.


The rapidly growing business expands regionally and welcomes Bryan Drangin as Regional Sales Director, bringing valuable relationships with retailers and distributors to accelerate growth opportunities for manufacturers.


Bryan Drangin promoted to Vice President of Sales in 2012


Amanda Drangin is welcomed to the team to grow the administrative branch of the business, increasing marketing and promotion opportunities.


Leadership changes hands as Merle Renner heads into retirement and the business is acquired by Bryan Drangin.

2017 – early 2020s

Regional territory continues to expand throughout northern and midwest regions, increasing demand and the sales force rapidly expands to service a growing client base.


Stakeholders launch an innovative sales and marketing model, implementing new technology to support digital sales and marketing needs of clients.


CSM Sales rebrands as Align Sales Group, refreshing the brand to promote new digital marketing opportunities and gain traction in emerging markets, including Grocery, Vending, Value, and other miscellaneous manufacturing industries.