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Providing clients unique go-to-market strategies with trusted partners in place.

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Align Sales Group seeks to provide manufacturers with resources to build their brands through providing top-notch food brokerage consulting. We offer innovative solutions that drive brands by serving as a connector with leading distributors and retailers.


C-store brand sales and distribution


Providing a unique approach to product marketing


Drive sales and support you to meet your goals


Vast network of trusted partners

Our Story


The focus of the company

Not to sacrifice integrity under any circumstance.

In an ever growing business, Bryan Drangin and Align Sales Group, brings valuable relationships to the forefront with retailers and distributors to accelerate growth opportunities for manufacturers...
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Where it all starts.

Bryan & Amanda Drangin

Our mission

Align Sales Group is a sales and marketing organization that strives to increase manufacturers’ sales volume while achieving the greatest possible product distribution.

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Where it all starts.

Bryan & Amanda Drangin


Personal care of our customers and employees

As visionaries in the food brokerage industry, we are committed to building synergistic relationships between our manufacturing clients and distribution and retail partners. Relying on valuable feedback from our clients, we’ve supported them in growing their brands statewide and regionally. We are beyond grateful for the dedicated contributions of our sales team members that continue to lead the charge by providing clear, hands-on communication, resources, and consultation to our clients with utmost integrity.

"I truly believe that the strengths of the company are the personal aspects of the business with our customers and employees. Bryan and Amanda care about their employees both professionally and personally. They are supportive and understanding both in business and within the personal lives of our sales group. An old analogy, but true, is treating everyone like a family. Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and employees."

- Scott Merrill, Regional Sales Director | Align Sales Group

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